Everyone with reduced mobility should have access to Safe, Advanced, Affordable assistive technology.

Our journey began with the desire to use technology to help people with reduced mobility in our families and in our community to overcome some of the challenges they face every day. We learned that electric wheelchairs are priced beyond the reach of all but the wealthy or well-insured and lack many of the features current technologies make possible that you’d expect to see on a personal electric vehicle.

Our CEO had a motorcycle accident in 1985 and experienced firsthand how difficult it can be to use a manual wheelchair.  John was fortunate to make a full recovery in about a year but he remembers how much smaller his world became during his rehabilitation.  Fast forward to 2018, John was asked to help a friend shop for a powered wheelchair and he observed that not much had changed since the 1980s; powered wheelchairs remain overpriced and decades behind in terms of technology, and combined with the fact that so few are manufactured, it seemed like a totally broken system, and an opportunity for new and better products.  Around that time he met Dr. Clarence Tan, a futurist, academic and entrepreneur who's passionate about leveraging exponential technology to help build a more inclusive society.  Together they agreed to develop ABBY and our journey began!



To help bring about a more inclusive society with connected personal mobility

We are a lean but uniquely qualified team and we all believe that in an inclusive society, electric wheelchairs are not a privilege only the wealthy and well-insured can afford. Everyone with reduced mobility should have access to Safe, Advanced, Affordable powered mobility products.  Team ABBY!